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10 injured in an explosion of fireworks in Naucalpan

At least 10 people were injured with second and third degree burns after an explosion of fireworks was recorded during the celebration of the patron saint festival of the city of Santiago Tepatlaxco.

The events that caused a large mobilization of the police and various emergency agencies were recorded this morning, at the corner of Fuente de Piedra and Las Arenillas streets, in the aforementioned town. Police reports indicate that several people had gathered in the area, on the occasion of the festivity of the patron saint of the community, when suddenly there was an explosion of fireworks.

At the time of the explosion, many of the people who gathered at the scene began to run and scream, causing moments of terror. Because several people were injured with burns in different parts of their bodies, the same people asked for the help of the emergency services, fearing a tragedy.

Later, when paramedics from the Red Cross and Civil Protection arrived at the scene and began their relief work, they reported that 10 people were injured as a result of the explosion, so after first aid was given, they were transferred to boarding ambulances to the Traumatology Hospital of Lomas Verdes, so that they could receive the necessary medical care. The FGJEM leak experts have already started their work, in order to determine what caused the explosion and if someone was responsible, the above to determine the responsibilities.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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