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25m found out my (23f) gf been cheating for 2 months

She’s been extremely distant, and I have been recovering from a severe injury for about 5 months now. Went through her texts on her iPad, found out she has been texting this dude constantly, send him nudes everyday (in my house, at work) including vids of her playing w herself and extremely graphic texts recalling their nights. How much she loves sucking his dick, she let him fuck her in the ass, basically everything they could possibly do they’ve done it. I called her out and she came back from HIS HOUSE to talk to me about it. Confronted her and she broke down, told me it’s been going on for 2 months at least and she’s been lying to me the whole time. I honestly never expected her to do this, thought we were gonna marry and have a family etc. so I am just heartbroken, we live together and have a cat, I pay all the rent. I loved her with all my heart and gave her everything, now I just can’t get what I saw or what she told me out of my head. She regrets it immensely and has been crying for 3 days. But I told her she has to leave because I feel as though she ruined everything for some stranger she doesn’t even care about, and I am so sad that she gave herself away like that to someone besides me. Sorry for the extra long post but any advice would be much appreciated. How do I move past this?

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  1. Make sure you get her out. She can move in with the guy she cared about more than you. She is lying when she says she did not care about him, because she willingly sacrificed what you had for him, so he was hella important. Or you mattered even less.

  2. She needs to go and you need to block her everywhere, and remove any access to your money, accounts and social media.

    So sorry mate, reach out to friends and family for support, she needs to go. Keep a copy of some of the texts (ones WITHOUT pictures) in case she spins the story as proof.

  3. This happened to me as well, best advice for now is to get her out of your life and cut contact. Like others have said, she only regrets getting caught and was willing to throw away everything you two had to fulfill her own needs selfishly.

    It’s very important to remember that this isn’t your fault, she chose to lie and hurt you knowingly for 2 months and that says more about her than anything about you. It’s going to be hard moving forward but with help from friends and family it can get better. Best of luck to you man, sorry you had to go through this hell

  4. She regrets getting caught. Can you seriously have a relationship with her if you no longer trust her?

    You need to get her to leave and go no contact and probably therapy. You did nothing wrong! Don’t blame yourself.

  5. Yeah I’m really spiteful I would blow it all up , let everyone know everything

    Go out with a blaze of glory before she turns it all around on you to save face

    She treated you like absolute shit so time to return the favour

  6. You need to realize that she regrets being caught. Her regret is for her making her own situation worse. As someone mentioned here, If she threw your Relationship away for something for a stranger she didn’t care about, then it shows that it cared about how it’d affect you even less.

    I think it’d help you get over this in the long run, if you get her out of your house and your life as soon as you can. Also, talk to your close friends and family, let them know what’s going on. If they know, then they can be your support structure and can help you get over this. If you don’t tell them, then you would be denying yourself of support that you actually need to get yourself through this. Do not lie to others to hide all the lying and cheating that your ex did to you. If you don’t tell the truth, then she can certainly lie about you to other people saying anything from you were abusive, neglectful etc..

    Also, whatever you do, do not get back together with her down the road. She did this to you once, she has the potential to do this to you again. With her cheating, she showed to you that She is not a safe and trustworthy partner for you anymore.

  7. That’s horrible man. I agree with everyone else she needs to go. You’ll recover with time. Just know anyone willing to cheat is not a person you ever want to be with long-term

  8. Every single cheater is sorry and cries AFTER they get caught. You have no idea if it would’ve continued. She doesn’t regret it, she did it for 2 mfn months.

    Like we tell every single female on here, GO GET YOUR DICK CHECKED OUT!!

  9. Honestly cut your losses and show her the door.
    Old saying goes once a cheater always a cheater.
    Your young and sound like a great guy so finding someone who matches your energy will happen!!
    Good luck

  10. Embarrassment is an emotion SHE owns, not YOU. Cheating on you, while you were healing from a severe injury, is a different level of despicable.

    Darlin’ she is not worthy of YOU, not your heart, soul or compassion. Hold your head high when anyone questions your split. Tell the truth because you are also not responsible to spare her an adverse reactions or the retribution she should face.

    Please surround yourself with true & supportive friends while you rebuild your life to an even higher level…especially now that you aren’t dragging this dregs of a woman with you.

  11. Get her out of your place, dont talk to her. Take time for youself to start mentally getting over it. Someone better will show up one day and it will be the best thing that ever happened. Especially when youre not expecting it. Best thing i have to say, as hard as it is not to do. Dont dwell on this shit, learn from it, move forward. Its going to get better!

  12. Bang her sister, or best friend send her the video lol jkjk tryna make u laugh honestly bud I’ve been there but I was married out her through school paid for our whole lifestyle house land cars phones in the end we made amends we’re good friends because we both forgave each other with time realizing our mistakes she passed away before we actually divorced I cried for her still but for you’re moral just be nice even though it hurts and walk away if it hurts to much and work on your self do what makes you happy and live life don’t dwell on something you had no control over that wasn’t you’re fault she’ll answer to god for that

  13. Dude sorry to see that, drop her cheating ass like a sack of shit that she is.

    She ain’t relationship material and certainly not worth being friends with. She is a HOA and belongs to the streets.

    The audacity of her BS.

    Dude you’re young and can find a real lady to date. Just hit the gym for couple of hours every day and go out with your friends and have fun.

    Go NC on her cheating lowlife ass.
    Let her lover take care of her.


    But if I was in your shoes, I’ll do a 180 on her ass with another girl and be really upfront about it and act really happy.

    Sure wish you luck.

    PS, I sure know how you feel. Been there and learned my lesson.


  14. It’s gonna take time, but you cannot stay with this person. A rule of thumb I have always employed in my relationships, is that I would never cheat and hurt the person I was dating. I think the pain it causes is completely unresponsible for another individual to impose on another. I’m sorry she did that to you, but there is no excuse. I hope you heal.

  15. One the things that people tend to do is being too nice to someone who doesnt deserve it.

    Where will she go? She cant provide for herself financially etc are all things that are her problem. It’s a situation she put herself into. So give her a strict ultimatum on moving out quickly. Like 2 days from now you are gone. Dont give her time to get back at you.

  16. Hahaha she regrets it immensely? bro absolutely delete her from your life. She’s a piece of shit, think about it bro next time you guys have sex you’ll be thinking of THEM having sex. All the things she’s done YOU WILL SEE. DO NOT BE A PUSHOVER AND THINK OF TRYING TO STAY. YOURE REPUTATION AND DIGNITY AS A MAN WILL DIMINISH FOREVER

  17. Kick her out, immediately. There is no recovering from this. She completely breached your trust and consciously did these things although she knew it would hurt you. The relationship is over. Take time to heal from this and do your best yo enjoy being single, cultivating the habits you enjoy doing yourself. You will find someone that won’t lie to your face and that really means the things they’ve told you. The sooner you kick her out and move on, the better. She’s not your friend or girlfriend anymore, as both are predicated on trust, loyalty, compassion, and love; and what she’s been doing for months proves she doesn’t possess those traits in your relationship.

  18. You don’t really move past it… life’s nothing but a slow accumulation of scars and bruises. Add it to that list and try your best to learn from it despite doing nothing at all to deserve this. I’m sorry, man.

  19. OP people who cheat are weak. They have zero morals or values. And they have clearly gone through some sort of trauma in their life to be acting like this. Its got zero to do with you and all with their shitty behaviour. Be kind to yourself

  20. So sorry this happened. Like others have said. Have her pack her stuff and let the AP support her. Life is to short to deal with the pain and distrust.

    Now you need to focus on yourself and read about
    The 180 and Gray rock. Also very important don’t let her see you in pain. Fake it until you make
    It. This is the best revenge and will help
    You heal faster.

  21. She needs to leave that house and go live with that dude since she was so willing to ruin your relationship for him. And the just cut her out of your life and go NC with her. Also if she tries to reconcile and come back don’t let her.

  22. Take all your money out of any shared accounts you have with her, lock away any valuables she has access to around the house or on any other shared platforms, and send yourself all the evidence of her continuous and prolonged cheating.

    Then, make sure she leaves your house. If there is a legally mandated period before she moves out, she sleeps on the couch or guest room and you don’t speak with her at all or allow her to cry more crocodile tears to sway you back. The moment she is legally evicted, she has to go with zero leeway.

  23. She needs to go if she is not on the lease, and please, don’t let her gaslight you because she will try her best to stay. Be firm and confident on your decision, trusting a cheater after the fact will most likely bite you int he ass again, it is better to move on than wasting more time with them.

  24. I’m glad you acted right away and told her it was over. Get her out and disconnect from her completely. Take time to process it and handle the emotions. Be single for a while.

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