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283 murders in the weekend

The federal security cabinet announced that Saturday, October 15, is currently cataloged as the most violent day of October, 107 murders have been added, 20 were committed in Guanajuato, 13 in EdoMéx, 11 in Michoacán, 10 in Jalisco and 8 in Zacatecas.

On the other hand, October 14 is in second place as the most violent days of October, there are 93 intentional homicides committed that day, 14 were reported in Jalisco, 12 in Nuevo León, 8 in EdoMéx and another 8 in Michoacán. ,

For Sunday, the day closed with 83 homicides, and 11 were registered in Michoacán, 7 in Jalisco, 7 in Puebla, and as for Chihuahua, Nuevo León and Zacatecas there were 6 victims for each state.

Thus, a total of 283 intentional homicides on October 14, 15 and 16, 2022.

In 16 days, October adds 1,255 homicides, that is, every day, on average, 78 people are deprived of life, the second highest indicator of the year after May when it stood at 79.

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To date, the entities with the highest number of murders are: Guanajuato (158), State of Mexico (120), Jalisco (106), Michoacán (92), Baja California (87), Chihuahua (80), Guerrero (75) , Nuevo León (69), Zacatecas (55), Sonora (45), Mexico City (32) and Tamaulipas (16).

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December 1, 2019 remains the most violent day of the six-year term with 127 intentional homicides, followed by May 24, 2022 with 118, June 7, 2020 with 117; on April 25 and July 4, 2021 with 115 murders, for each day; on April 20 and October 11, 2020, 114 victims were counted for each day, while so far in 2022, they added 112 on May 1, 108 on July 24, 107 on May 22 and October 15. For each day, 105 murders were recorded on May 15, 103 on July 3, and 102 on September 14.

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