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A 16-year-old girl died after overturning the razor she was given on her birthday for doing “Acrobatics” – .

A 16-year-old girl died after suffering a rollover in the Razer vehicle that had just been given to her for her birthday.

The events occurred on Tuesday night in the Petromex colony from the city of rich pool, Veracruzwhen presumably the minor was performing stunts in that unit.

Unfortunately, he lost control at the wheel and ended up doing several somersaults until he was overturned meters ahead on the aforementioned road.

The tragedy was recorded in videojust when the teenager and a friend were circulating on Pascual Ortiz Rubio street of the aforementioned sector, the two friends were testing the vehicle on a slope where minutes before they had already descended several times.

In the images, it was possible to appreciate the fatal accident, where the vehicle overturns and unfortunately the 16 year old girl who was in the back seat died, while the driver sustained some injuries for which she was admitted to the IMSS clinic with severe blows.

Elements of various police and emergency corporations arrived at the site to learn about and attend to the crew members, unfortunately nothing could be done for the young woman who premiered her razer, since when she was valued she no longer had vital signs.

Authorities from the State Attorney General’s Office arrived to take notice and later ordered the transfer of the body to the Forensic Medical Service for the necropsy of law.

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