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Abelardo “N”, Fredy’s cousin, was arrested for alleged participation in homicide

Abelardo “N”, a 17-year-old teenager, was arrested by Investigative Police Agents (PDI) for alleged participation in the death of his cousin, the minor Fredy.

The eight-year-old boy died at the Cuautepec Children’s Hospital after receiving bruises and burns that presumably by their aggressors. A few days ago, Fredy’s aunt told the police that she left her house and found him badly injured on Del Carmen street.

However, a child’s aunt and uncle were detained. The agency spokesman, Ulises Lara López, explained that “the probable participation of Flor “N” and Rogelio “N”, in the crime of homicide qualified to the detriment of the child, of whom both are indirect relatives”.

As a result of the investigations by agents of the Investigative Police (PDI), the Public Ministry of the Criminal Justice Prosecutor for Adolescents, of the General Coordination of Investigation of Gender Crimes and Attention to Victims, requested and obtained from a specialized judge , another arrest warrant against Abelardo “N”, which was executed on the afternoon of November 25.

Given this, a control judge issued an informal preventive detention against Flor “N” and Rogelio “N” for their probable participation in the crime of qualified homicide to the detriment of Fredy.

The capital’s Prosecutor’s Office reported that the defense of both people requested the duplication of the constitutional term, so the hearing will continue next week to determine the legal situation of the presumed involved.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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