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Accident and dies during drag race in Hermosillo Autodromo Jesús Francisco Sarrazín Lorh, alias “El Pirata” leader of “Los Salazar” – .

The Sonora Attorney General’s Office confirmed the death of Jesús Francisco Sarrazín Lorhalias “The pirate“, leader of an armed group of Los Salazarwho he had an accident in car races at the Cerro Colorado Autodromein hermosillo.

On Friday night, an injured man who identified himself as Efren Saul Yocupicio Colorado He entered the emergency room of a public hospital, where after being treated his real identification was achieved.

The man He was carrying a .22 caliber pistol.which was confiscated by the authorities who arrived to cordon off the clinic located in the Technological Street and Alberto Gutiérrezin which finally Sarrazín Lorh died due to the seriousness of the injuries.

“”The pirate“He had an arrest warrant for the crime of illegal deprivation of liberty. Records of the members of the State Security Board place him as priority criminal target“, detailed in a statement the Sonora FGE.

The Pirate is identified as one of the leaders of Los Salazar, armed wing of the Sinaloa Cartelcommanded by Jose Luis Yocupicio Castillo, The Luisito or The Napoleon.

The cell was born in 2005 and was founded and commanded by Adam Salazar Zamorano together with their children Jesus Alfredo Salazar RamirezThe doll” Y Adam SalazarThe Indian”. “The doll” was arrested in 2012 and “El Indio” was killed in 2016.

Later he took the reins of the group brother of Salazar Zamorano, Crispin Salazar Zamorano along with Jose Luis Yocupiciowho is also known as El Luisito or El Napoléon. Since the early 2000s, drug trafficking routes have been disputed against the Juarez cartel and his armed wing the line.

In December 2021, The pirate was exposed as one of the generators of violence in the state when narcomantas appeared in Guaymas, obregon Y hermosillopresumably deployed by the group the squarewhere state officials were linked with members of The Salazars.

Local reports indicated that his dragster type car collided during the competition ofdrag racing“.

It is unknown if more people accompanied the now deceased to the hospital.

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