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Accident in Mexico-Tuxpan leaves 7 burned people

The events were recorded when residents of the Cuacuila community reported a loud noise and the fire of two units on a ravine of the Mexico-Tuxpan highway at kilometer 138 in Huauchinango.

At the scene, the driver of a cargo trailer would have lost control of the unit impacting and taking with him a compact vehicle, a Volkswagen Jetta-type car with six people on board.

With the impact, both vehicles ended up on fire at the bottom of the ravine, causing the death of the 6 occupants of the vehicle as well as the driver of the trailer, who ended up pressed in the heavy unit.

From the trailer, a man who was traveling as a co-pilot was reported injured after getting out of the vehicle in the flames and starting to call for help.

Through social networks, it was reported that the numbers 911 and 088 used for emergencies were not answered in time to attend to the accident.

Firefighters, Red Cross, Radio Brigada Nacional de Aid, neighbors and community volunteers came to help and put out the flames caused by the impact.

Until 5 in the morning this Monday, the work to extract the charred bodies of the people who, until now, remain unknown.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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