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After attack and shooting in Colima, police officers detain a couple wounded by a bullet and ask them to get out of the vehicle – .

A strong persecution was recorded this Monday north of the capital of Colimaafter what two people were shot near Sevilla del Río avenuewho After being injured, they fled..

Later, it was announced video from one of the units, where it can be seen as various patrols of the State Police They chase the black vehicle at high speed.

The persecution was carried out throughout the Constitution Avenue, in the municipality of Colima. In the video, the elements desperate to avoid the vehicles that were passing through said artery at that time are heard, commenting on the state of health of the crew members.

“Get off, get off. Stop the step, Get off, stop the step. He is going to die, the guy who is driving is going to die.”

Finally, before crossing the Third Peripheral Ringone of the units of the corporation gave them scope to block their way and stop the driver.

People were served

Upon arrival, the uniformed officers ordered the driver to get out of the vehicle, who was wearing a bloody white shirt and initially resisted, but seeing himself surrounded, agrees to get out, while saying that he is a witness, while in the passenger seat it is observed that the woman is also injured.

According to the police report, the injured were taken to a hospital, while the place and the black car were guarded, however, the arrest of any person for their participation in the aggression against the injured was not reported.

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