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After Danny Ocean concert shooting leaves one dead: Morelia

In Morelia during a Danny Ocean Tour 2022 concert in the City of Morelia there was a shooting that left a red balance and caused the strong mobilization of emergency services.

The attendees who remained inside the building documented the sound and range of the shots from the stands. At this, they ran to hide inside one of the corridors with several walls. The event was already completely empty, and inside work was being carried out to remove the stage.

Outside there were two vans parked a few meters from the building where the concert was held, which were allegedly directly attacked by a group of heavily armed civilians. At least one person was killed and eight more were injured.

Agents of the Municipal Police of Morelia appeared in the area to protect the area where the events occurred and save the population, in addition to the Red Cross paramedics in at least two ambulances, who provided immediate care to the injured. .

For his part, the reggaeton singer sent a message to all his followers through his social networks:

“I don’t understand why these things happen if we came with a message of love! I don’t even know what to say, I’ve never been in this situation. Please take care of yourselves, I am with you. My channels are open for whatever you need. This does not change the love I feel for every corner of Mexico ”, were the words that the artist published on his social networks.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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