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Again the Pipopes, Police confront Huachicoleros in the community of El Paredón, three elements died, were detained – .

Three municipal policemen killedan indeterminate number of municipal and state police held by a group of about 50 heavily armed peopleis he balance of the confrontation in the auxiliary board of El Paredónin this municipality, in events that occurred this Friday evening, according to unofficial sources.

According to the sources consulted, it all started this Friday morning when a vehicle was stolen that, hours later, was located in the courthouse.Auxiliary nta of El Paredón, in this municipality. Apparently, transported huachicolwhich would have caused moments of tension that, as time went by, managed to gather more heavily armed civilians.

The first reaction of the civilians was retain both municipal and state police who were the protagonists of this operation that included a confrontation between the security forces and the armed men, a confrontation that led to the death of three municipal police officers.

The events would have mobilized municipal police elements from different corporations in the regionincluding National Guardto seek to rescue the detained soldiers, no public security institution, both municipal or state, as well as the municipal government, has given its official version of the events.

The direct precedent to a confrontation of this nature occurred on February 20, 2018, in La Villita, also in this demarcation, when the operation occurred in which around 50 civilians confronted, with bullets, elements of the Federal Police and the Secretariat of National Defenseleaving as official balance, a presumed deceased criminal, 18 detainees, 12 vehicles and 38 thousand liters of fuel – of presumed illegal origin -, in an operation in which elements of the municipal police from Zacatlán, Chignahuapan and Aquixtla participated.

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