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Alleged hitman with submachine gun falls in Ecatepec

An alleged “hit man” who fired a submachine gun at a motorist who was driving on Vía José López Portillo was apprehended by elements of the Ecatepec Public Security and Traffic Directorate.

The uniformed officers intercepted this man when he was running on said road, at the height of the El Arbol neighborhood, carrying a long weapon after meters before he had injured a man with two bullet wounds, for an alleged settling of scores.

The events were recorded while the uniformed officers were carrying out the Operative Pegaso on the aforementioned road, when they realized that the suspect was running to try to flee, so they began a chase on foot and to try to evade the authorities, he fired the firearm twice. against the uniformed

After securing it and being overwhelmed by the security elements, this man threw the 9-millimeter submachine gun type weapon.

The detainee, who identified himself as 24-year-old Benjamín N, along with the firearm, was admitted to the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM), where his legal situation will be determined.

Meanwhile, Civil Protection paramedics immediately treated the driver who was injured with two gunshot wounds, who was rushed to a nearby hospital for medical attention.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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