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Américo Villarreal, Governor-elect of Tamaulipas by MORENA, was financed by the Northeast Cartel, USA, according to “journalist” – .

Before we must clarify that the documents have appeared after it has been made public that Enrique Vargas the PAN candidate for governor of the State of Mexico this involved in a network of corruption and illicit enrichment with help of Notary Beltran Baldares who, according to records, witnessed the formation of companies that were involved in a money laundering network at the service of Joaquin El ChapoGuzman and in the call Master swindlerthe curious, strange, or whatever you want to call it is that the journalist who made this public, emphasizes not on Tamaulipasbut in the choice precisely what is coming for him Mexico state, furthermore, whoever must give truth to the supposed documents has not yet said anything.

At the beginning of last March two elements of the Navy and an alleged financial operator of the Northeast Cartel disappeared: Gerardo Teodoro Vazquez Barrera, The Gerry. the sailors they had been sent as escorts of the senator from Morena Jose Narro Cespedes.

The last time he was seen, Vázquez Barrera ate with Senator Narro and with the Governor-elect of Tamaulipas, Americo Villarreal Anayaat the Oasis Coyoacán restaurant, south of Mexico City.

Narro himself uploaded photos to his networks in which he appears next to Vázquez Barrera and Villarreal Anaya.

Narro denied, however, that the missing marines had been commissioned as his escorts —despite various documents proving the contrary. Américo Villarreal assured for his part that he did not know the rest of the guests at the meal: that he does not know who he sat with.

Both the sailors and Vázquez Barrera have been missing for six months.

On March 14, 2022, Ambassador Ken Salazar sent a confidential cable, which could be pure poison for Morena and was addressed to the DEAthe Department of the Treasury, the Department of Justice and Homeland Security, among other dependencies of the neighboring country.

In that document, classified as Top Secret in the file MX TOPKK 389 ID AI P60, the ambassador pointed out that, according to DEA sources, the missing marines could have been commissioned by both the financial operator of the cartel and the senator from Morena to transport money obtained from drug trafficking “in order to financially support campaigns of this party in the State of Mexico in 2023”.

In a second cable, sent on March 30 to the aforementioned agencies, Salazar mentioned that an investigation by the DEA and the Treasury Department, focused on Gerardo Teodoro Vazquez Barrera and the two missing sailors “when they were transporting assets from the Northeast cartel to finance Morena’s political campaign in the State of Mexico in 2023”, had detected a multimillion dollar account, in dollars, in the name of Vázquez Barrera. The account had been opened in the British Virgin Islands.

It recorded various transfers, made between September 2021 and January 2022, to an account recently opened in said tax haven, in the name of Humberto Villarreal Santiago, son of the then Morena candidate for the Tamaulipas government.

According to the ambassador’s cable, said account had received approximately seven million dollars from Vázquez Barrera, although, according to the DEA, the amount could be much higher, given that the Northeast Cartel had taken on the mission of obtaining maximum influence. in the state of Tamaulipas, which could tip the scales of the cartel war in his favor.

In the investigation to which the ambassador wire refers, the US government detected transfers made by Vázquez Barrera at the VP Bank of the Virgin Islands. All of these were done for Humberto Villarreal Santiagoaccording to account statements obtained by Treasury Department agents.

On September 7, 2021, according to the documents, Vázquez deposited Villarreal $300,000 and on September 10 there was a new deposit of $200,000. On September 13, one more was made for 50 thousand dollars and on the 15th another for 150 thousand. In those same days the account in the name of Villarreal reflected the transfers.

The operations were repeated: on October 6, 2021, Vázquez Barrera transferred 300 thousand dollars and on October 12 of that same year he made a new deposit for 500 thousand. According to the documents obtained by the US government, the account of the son of the then candidate reflected these movements on the days mentioned above.

On November 8, Vázquez Barrera transferred 1.5 million dollars. On November 24 the deposit was 400 thousand.

On December 15, 17, 20 and 21, the cartel operator transferred a total of 2,450,000 dollars, an amount that was reflected in the account opened in the name of Villarreal.

The last movements, for a total of 900 thousand dollars, were made on January 3, 10, 17 and 18, 2022.

The Gerry disappeared in March of this year after meeting in a restaurant with Senator José Narro Céspedes and with Américo Villarreal himself. The senator uploaded photos of him to the networks in which he appears conversing with them. That same day the sailors disappeared who, according to known documents, were commissioned to give Narro protection.

Villarreal affirms that, except for Narro, he did not know any of the people who sat next to him the day that El Gerry and the marines disappeared. “It would be Narro who should respond to that,” said people from his team.

Villarreal’s team assures that the account statements are “fake”: part of a political construction that only seeks to hurt him.

The embassy cables tell a different story. The story of the money that the elected governor would have received from a cartel, however the same embassy in charge of confirming or denying has not commented on anything.









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