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An armed group attacked state police officers in the municipality of Monte Escobedo; Zacatecas, gunmen were arrested – .

A armed group attacked state police in the municipality of Monte Escobedo, Zacatecas, after shooting a home and setting fire to a gas station in the same district.

The State Security Board reported that, according to police reports, the events occurred after midnight, when the state elements who are commissioned to security attended an attack with detonations of a firearm in which a home was damageda vehicleBesides that they set fire to a gas station.

The authorities specify that all these events occurred in an area near the municipal headquarters and it was when the state police officers were also attacked by the Sicarios.

The official report mentions that no injured people were reported during the event, only material damage, in addition to noting that devices known as tire punches were thrown, which also caused damage to some official units.

Plus authorities later confirmed that the assassins were arrested.

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