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Another 13 murders are added to Guanajuato during the patriotic celebrations – .

Not even the impressive array of corporations at the three levels of government prevented the celebrations of the Cry of Independence in the state were overshadowed by at least 13 executions during the course of Thursday the 15th, and various murders more committed between the dawn and the morning of the 16th in municipalities of Guanajuato.

Authorities had announced prior to the night of the Scream an operation with more than 24,000 municipal and state police officers, as well as thousands of agents from the Federal Forces that have been sent to cities in the state that have a high incidence of high-impact crimes, particularly homicides.

In an interview, Sophia Huett López, executive secretary of the State Security System and spokesperson for the state government in this area, assured this Friday the 16th that after two years of suspension of the Shout festivities and ceremonies due to the pandemic, the return to public squares was given “with a white balance, in the festivities in particular” in what he called “a good return to public life, to life in coexistence”.

However, only during the course of Thursday the 15th, the State Attorney General’s Office announced 13 murders, although local media recorded other homicides that were not included in the official FGE report.

It is the case of a man who was riddled in a shooting in the Leon Workers Colonythe night of the 15th, a few hours before the Shout ceremony, when he was on his way home and was hit by men on a motorcycle and killed on the public highway.

Also in León, in the early hours of Friday three young motorcyclists were shot to death in the Barranca de Venaderos areawhere they located 140 shell casings from high-powered weapons.

This happened before 5 in the morning, according to residents of the area, where the León II neighborhood is located, who asked for help from municipal police officers who were doing a surveillance tour at that time.

The bodies of motorcyclists They remained in the river, from where they were removed by personnel from the State Prosecutor’s Office with the support of the Fire Department.

The Prosecutor’s Office did report on a man who was found dead and with signs of violence on public roads, in front of the access to a park on Continental Avenue in the Parque La Noria neighborhood, as well as another man murdered in the Cumbres del Sun; The latter was identified as Miguel, he was 62 years old and shell casings were found next to his body.

In Celayathe customer of a business carwash was killed in said business, while in the community of Rincón de Tamayo another man was killed by several shots inside a home in the neighborhood Cross neighborhood.

On the morning of the 16th, the discovery of the body of a man lying in a ditch in the Colonia Villas de los Arcos; he had several blows to the head.

In Juventino Rosasthe body of a man wrapped in plastic was abandoned inside a sinkhole in the Garambullo community. He was located Thursday afternoon by authorities.

In Irapuato, on the night of the 15th, a man and a woman died in a hospital in that city after being injured during a pitched brawl that broke out in the community of Saint Anthony the Richand another man identified as Manuel, 32, was also murdered in that city on the 15th.

In Salvatierra, residents of the Dos Plazas subdivision reported the discovery of a semi-buried body in a vacant lot on one of the neighborhood’s streets, which was in a state of decomposition. He was taken to the Forensic Service.

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