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Another attempted entry of the CDN into Coahuila is frustrated, Policemen shot down a gunman, the others ran – .

A hitman from the Northeast Cartel (CDN) dead and a state police officer wounded is the preliminary result of a confrontation recorded around noon in the Municipality of Villa Unionto the north of Coahuila.

Governor Miguel Angel Riquelme received the report of the confrontation while he was leading a police graduation with the Secretary of Public Security, Sonia Villarreal, and the Prosecutor Gerardo Márquez.

“Right now we had a confrontation in the Municipality of Villa Unión, we have an agent that we are transferring right now to the hospital where they can treat him immediately. We sent an aerial team so that they could transfer him,” the Governor announced.




“The report we have is of a death, by the armed people, of the criminals who participated.”

After the confrontation, the Gunmen ran down a dirt road that leads to the border with Nuevo León.

“The report is that they are already out of Villa Unión, they are going for the breach, they are in pursuit, the Mexican Army and the National Guard have already joined,” he said.

“Right now all the forces of order are chasing criminals.”

On November 30, 2019, just as the Governor Miguel Ángel Riquelme surrendered in Saltillo his second government report in Congress, a group of dozens of armed civilians from the Northeast Cartelattacked the municipal presence of Villa Unionwhich unleashed a confrontation with a balance of four police officers and 10 assassins killed.

Almost two weeks ago, the Governor of Coahuila reported that they had arrested a group of criminals from the Northeast Cartel, including the leader who ordered the November 2019 attack.

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