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Any advice on preventing blinking during a lash service?

I just got an eyelash lift and I love it but I was a bit of a difficult client because I kept fluttering my right eye while she was applying the pads during service. She was nice, and patient, however every time she told me to stop fluttering I subconsciously kept fluttering more. I didn’t have coffee but the pressure not to flutter made it so I did. I would love to continue doing this but feel bad that the tech had to constantly readjust and I could hear her sighs of frustration.

I did get lash extensions before and don’t remember having this issue. I think it’s just trickier since she has to glue the rod to my lid etc.

Do any of you have any tips or advice?

I really want to continue doing this service but hate that I made her job harder. :/

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