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Are silk pillow cases worth it? do they really benefit skin and hair?What brand would you recommend?

I bought a silk/satin pillow case on amazon before but the one i got was awful, i could barely breathe on it and it felt too slippery,it was so uncomfortable it like polyester silk or something

So this time i want to buy something genuine even if its more expensive i was thinking of buying this from esty :

if you have any suggestions and the website you brought it from id love to know,

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  1. Satin is the weave of the fabric, silk is the fibres used to make the fabric.
    If something doesn’t say “silk” explicitly, its likely 100% polyester. Polyester fibres are not smooth like silk fibres and will still create friction, causing frizziness and all the effects you are hoping to avoid using a silk pillowcase.

    A few things to look out for

    “Silky” = polyester

    “Satin fabric” = polyester

    Silk satin = what you actually want. Mulberry silk is good silk. You want a high momme (weight) which will mean the silk is thicker.

    Good luck!

  2. I didn’t want to believe they’re better, but they are. I received a Blissy for Christmas 2 years ago and have invested in 2 more. I am acne prone and it has helped tremendously with my skin. My hair is also growing faster. I’m not sure if that’s related or not. Blissy has a lot of sales, I put one in my cart, then closed the page and immediately received a “You Forgot Something…” email with a promo code.

  3. Imo no, they are not. Kitsch has some great pillow cases that are not actual silk.

    Maybe check out some YouTube videos on how silk is obtained and make your own decision.

    Spoiler alert it is horrific

    Edit – tried to attach a link but it was deleted by mods

  4. Silk/satin pillow cases are hundreds of times better for my hair than cotton because cotton will draw the moisture out of my hair and make it feel incredibly dry. I refuse to sleep on anything but satin or similar. But I have really dry curly hair for context, and I can definitely notice the difference.

    In terms of skin, I feel it helps because it’s not as rough on my skin as cotton would be. However I mainly rely on skincare for my skin health and appearance. If it wasn’t for my hair, I’d probably be indifferent on the pillow case I use

  5. one thing I do know: if you have little love bug pet-lings with scratchy paws then say goodby to your silky smooth pillow cases. I tried it once, and they got ruined real fast. I am sure it was cheap polyester and not silk, but I imagine it could happen to silk, too.

  6. Yes,yes and yes good for hair tangles good for skin ,antibacterial and stays cool. The quality varies a lot a good quality pure silk usually around $100 I love my silk pillowcases slip is the best quality I have

  7. i’ve never used a silk pillowcase, but i have 3 satin (polyester lol) pillowcases that i rotate and i’ve definitely noticed a difference. my skin and hair just feel less rough and messy in the morning, if that makes sense. i bet silk is a game changer!

  8. Have noticed a huge difference in my hair texture when I wake up in the morning after sleeping on my silk pillow cases (I shower at night). Less static flyaways and weird waves to manage and I think it looks smoothers. My boyfriend has bamboo sheets and my hair is always so frizzy after I sleep over.

    I get the Quince silk pillow cases. They are so much cheaper and seem good quality. Machine wash on cold in a laundry bag.

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