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Ariadna and Gaby were killed after boarding a taxi

In less than three days, the death of two women was known, both after boarding taxi units

One died after throwing herself from the vehicle in Iztapalapawhile the body of the other was found in Morelos.

This November 1, Lidia Gabriela Gomez Barrientos He died after jumping from a moving taxi, whose driver moments before had changed the planned route and refused to stop his unit.

Therefore, at the height of the station Constitution of 1917 of Subway, Lydia he stuck his head and half his body out of one of the vehicle’s windows, shouting for help; However, with the vehicle at excessive speed, there was no response to his request, although there were witnesses.

Another fall is that of Ariadna Fernanda Lopez, who disappeared on October 30 in the Condesa neighborhood; versions of her indicate that she left a meeting with friends in said neighborhood, where she boarded a taxi, later her acquaintances lost contact with her, for which they began a search through social networks.

Unfortunately, his body was found lifeless on the side of the La Pera-Cuautla highway, in Morelos, by a couple of cyclists.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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