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Armed attack leaves 2 dead and several injured

On Friday night, four young people were inside a house located in the Las Misiones subdivision, in the municipality of Huehuetoca, they were attacked with bullets, two of them died on the spot, the other two were injured.

According to the police report, the events occurred in the Privada Santa María, where several detonations produced by firearms were heard. The neighbors requested the presence of the police, but they did not leave their house for fear that something might happen to them.

Elements of the local corporation and the Secretary of Security of the State of Mexico arrived at the site, who found four men lying on the floor with gunshot wounds.

They asked for the support of the emergency services, the paramedics who came offered first aid to two of them, who were later transferred by ambulance to a hospital to receive medical attention.

The other two no longer had vital signs, due to the seriousness of the injuries caused by the shots.

Members of the State Police noticed that a subject who said his name was José Manuel “N”, 30 years old, was pushing an Italika brand motorcycle, type 125 FL, model 2022, without license plates, black in color, on public roads. When verifying his identification data, he revealed that he has a robbery report, dated September 14 of this year, which he took from the patio of the address where the events were recorded.

The man was arrested and transferred to the Cuautitlán Izcalli Public Ministry agency, to determine his legal situation.

Staff from the State of Mexico Attorney General’s Office arrived at the site to initiate the investigation and ordered the transfer of the two bodies to the Forensic Medical Service.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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