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Armed command kills three young people in Rehilete de Villagrán; Guanajuato, where another 4 young people were murdered on Sunday – .

Villagran, Gto. Armed men fired on a group of youths who was talking on the street to end their lives immediately.

The events occurred in the Cerro de la Bufa street in the Rehilete subdivision. Where last Sunday, inside some apartments, four youths were executed.

Unofficial versions indicate that on the street A van passed with several armed men.and when they saw the young they shot repeatedly.

Several gunshots of different calibers were heard, and when the neighbors went out to find out what was happening, saw the young not older than 25 years lying on the ground bloodied.

The National Guard acted as the first responder, who after checking the victims found that they were no longer alive and closed the perimeter of the crime scene.

So far the identity of the three young men who were executedas well as the vehicle in which the aggressors were transported.

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