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Armed group abandons explosive devices in road facilities and municipal archives of Villagrán – .

intense police mobilization by the three levels of government was recorded this Wednesday in Villagranafter armed persons abandoned two explosive devices in the facilities of the Directorate of Roads and Municipal Archivesvery close to community hospital.

It was around nine in the morning when municipal workers requested the support of the authorities, because inside a building located on the alternate highway Celaya-Villagranthere were two packages that allegedly contained explosive devices.

Immediately municipal police, elements of the State Public Security Forces, National Guard, Mexican Army and of the Criminal Investigation Agency They moved to the place.

Upon arrival they realized that the property was the facilities of the Road Directoratejust like him City Municipal Archivein addition to the fact that three of the local workers were outside.

Upon entering, they confirmed the existence of unexploded explosives, so they immediately cordoned off the area and requested the support of the police. Specialized Unit in Explosives Management of the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA).

Initial versions indicate that the personnel who work there came to work as they did every day, at which time several armed persons arrived, entered and abandoned the packages containing explosives.

At the moment the authorities have not provided more information in this regard, it was only said that no person had been injured, in addition to the fact that specialized personnel were already working in the area.

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