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Armed group executes four men inside a house in the Los Olivos de Cuauhtémoc subdivision; Chihuahua – Narco Mexico Blog

A total of 4 lifeless peoplewere located inside a living place located in the subdivision Los Olivos in the city of cuauhtémoc; Chihuahuathe discovery occurred after 12 hours in which residents of the place reported multiple firearms detonationsHowever, at first the authorities did not locate the injured or deceased people.

In detail, the Commissar of the Single Command, Christian Martinez Vitalconfirmed the death of 4 peopleapparently for firearmin the Olivo Africano and Olivo Español streetswhich were found this Monday morning by a neighbor of the place who came to visit the tenants, bringing the surprise of 4 men lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

The foregoing led to a significant police mobilization, who cordoned off the place for the corresponding proceedings, noting that neighbors said they did not hear anything out of the ordinary on Monday morning.

However, on Sunday afternoon, agents of the Municipal Police through the Single Command, responded to a call to the 911 emergency system, in which detonations of a firearm in the streets Olivo Español and Olivo Africanothis at 7:31 p.m. on March 5.

Upon arriving at the scene, the agents interviewed residents of the sector, who said they had heard shots, unaware of the vehicles or number of people responsible for carrying out the detonations.

In the place, 12 shell casings were detected, for which the place was cordoned off, for which reason the Department of Expert Services of the Western Zone District Prosecutor’s Office was notified of these events, which took charge of the scene.

Because the informants did not provide data on the possible attack on a specific house, police elements withdrew from the place when they did not find evidence of an injured or deceased person, for which reason the multiple homicide was reported up to 12 hours later, apparently related to the detonations reported a day earlier.

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