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Armed group guns down five men in the Los Bosques de León neighborhood; Guanajuato, one of them died – .

Lion, Guanajuato.- Five people were attacked with bullets in the Los Bosques neighborhoodin Lion. Between the victims is a minor under the age of 15 and a 30-year-old man who died at the scene.

The injured were taken to a hospital where at least one of them reports serious health.

The attack occurred at 9:27 p.m. outside an address located on the Bosque Carioca street a few meters from the olympic avenueon the Los Bosques neighborhood.

Outside said residence were located four men and the youngest talking.

A few meters from said home, two men came in a car nissan type march white.

The driver parked the vehicle and his companion got out to go to the house where the five victims were living.

Being in front of them, he shot them more than 11 times. Two of the victims tried to runbut they were hit by shots.

The three others fell badly injured. One of them was on a bicycle when the attack occurred.

The attacker got into the Nissan car and escaped with his accomplice through nearby streets, authorities reported.

Municipal Police officers attended and implemented a search operation, after the fact was reported to 911, but as of the closing of this edition it is unknown if the attackers were arrested.

Two of the injured, including a minor under 15 years of age, were taken by their relatives to a hospital where they were reported to be in stable health.

Two more were treated by Civil Protection and Firefighters paramedics and minutes later they were taken to a hospital.

One of them was reported in serious health due to the injuries he had.

Instead of the attack, a man of approximately 30 years died, since he had head and chest injuries.

Experts from the State Attorney General’s Office arrived to collect data on the event and start the investigations.

The body was transferred to the facilities of the Forensic Medical Service where the legal necropsy will be performed.

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