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Armed men kill another police officer in León; Guanajuato while he was exercising-.

The Leon municipal police, Diego Armando Martinez Miranda, He was executed when he was exercising in a park in the Saucillo de la Joya neighborhood.Apparently he had finished his work shift.

Around 8:30 a.m. this Thursday, residents and workers near the Pascal Kant Boulevard and Jewels of Castilereported hearing several firearm detonations.

According to the first versions, the officer also known as ‘the breasts‘, he had left the morning of his shift and had arrived at the donation area where he worked out.

At least a couple of Sicarios approached him and began to shoot him several times and fled to the side of the river.

After a few minutes, fire paramedics came to attend to the officer, although they only confirmed his death.

The place was immediately cordoned off and secured by police, elements of the National Guard and the Mexican Army, while operations are carried out to find those responsible, although no arrests have been made so far.

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