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Arrested, he entrenched himself inside the Patrol in Escobedo; Nuevo León, he had a weapon hidden in his back-.

escobedoNL.- Yesterday afternoon a delinquent barricaded himself inside a Grupo Proxpo patrol carhe, after subduing a uniformedwho was going to turn him over to federal authorities.

It was reported that the suspect, carried another weapon concealed in the small of his backwhich added to the chain of errors since not being checked properly, and being handcuffed in front, he was able to maneuver easily.

The Public Safety Secretary revealed that the police did not check the detainee well, who was carrying a weapon hidden in his clothes.

It was necessary to completely close the Monterrey-Laredo Highway.

After subduing the Police, the man barricaded himself in the patrol car, who on multiple occasions threatened to shoot them and attempt against their own integrity. After a few hours, he was wounded during an exchange of gunfire with the police, and that is how he ended up being arrested again.

It transpired that, during the struggle, an Escobedo preventive police officer ended up with various injuries.

Secretary of Public Security revealed that the police officers made mistakes.

“They remove the wives and they handcuffed him from the front, which allowed greater mobility of his upper extremities and reached the firearm”, indicated Pámanes.

“This was what caused the problem yesterday, two procedural errors that are basic to the initial police training academy and that the municipal corporation will surely open a file.”

Palacios Pámanes pointed out that more than a lack of preparation could have lacked more diligence and overconfidence, while it will be the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) who will investigate the actions of the elements when injuring the detainee, together with the internal affairs investigations. Escobedo Police.

He also indicated that the preliminary investigations point to omissions by the uniformed officers, which led to a broad mobilization of the FGR, municipal police, the Civil Force and ministerial police.

“The one that I have given to the police in the last 23 years, which is to search exhaustively and always handcuff from behind, incurring in excess of confidence,” he declared.

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