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Attacks on bars in Celaya leave one injured, they wanted to set one of the places on fire – .

Attacks in different bars of this city almost simultaneously left the balance of a person allegedly injured and property damage.

It was shortly after 11:00 on Friday night that these events caused police action.

One occurred in bar the little kisses” located in Diego Rivera and Chapultepec Forests where an outbreak of fire was recorded that was caused by unknown subjects leaving only material damage.

The second was at the bar”Lovesickness“located Av. Mexico and Salvador Ortega.

In the place it transpired that armed subjects arrived and shottried to set fire, in addition it is presumed that an injured person has not been confirmed so far.

In this place, when the authorities were guarding the area, several bursts of firearms were heard, so immediately elements of the Mexican Army and National Guard They carried out an operation whose results are unknown.

Personnel from the Regional Prosecutor’s Office carry out the corresponding investigations in both events.

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