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Best all over sunscreen

Best everyday sunscreen.

Currently use a spray (cheap target spf 40) on my body and super goop daily moisture spf 40 pm face……I am still getting a tan on my face and today noticed a ton of new dark spots. What does everyone else use that works?

I live in the south. I am outside with my dog multiple times a day including about 1-2 hours at night 1-2 times s week. Earlier this year I got sunburned and still have tan lines from that. Now that it is fall and I will have help of more clothing I want to get back to no tan…. Any hints/tricks/ tips other than use sunscreen daily…. I do wear a hat at dog park. I apply the body spray right before I go, I apply the face stuff in morning snd reapply before dog park. Is it that I am not applying often enough? Or do I need better product? Any ideas welcome…

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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson
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  1. I’m using kinship. The best sunscreen I have used so far and will probably stick to it for a long time. Easy application, good ingredients and works for sensitive skin as well. My husband has eczema. Previous sunscreen that he used has caused a lot of rash and I recommended the brand to him. Since then he never had any problem

    I read spray sunscreen is not the best way to go as you could miss some spots and ended up with tanned or getting burnt. You might need to pay attention when you are using the spray or just switch to the good old fashion sunscreen lotion. I used to apply sunscreen all over my body in the past. However it was too time consuming and tedious of a job. Now I just wear a long sleeve and pants. I have been doing this for a long time. Besides protecting my skin, i also do a once/twice a week body scrub to brighten my skin. For all that hard work I can truly see a great result and I’m happy

  2. To prevent spots you have to use a mineral sunscreen. Chemical won’t block enough of the right wave length. I use a dollar general knock off of water babies because it’s cheap and doesn’t burn my eyes. Looks weird unless I cover it with tinted moisturizer though.

  3. I like sun bum spf 45 and Hawaiian tropic spf 50. I have been on a glycolic acid routine for almost two years and retinol for four months and they really help. Also wear a hat to actually block the actual sun from hitting your face.

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