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best clarifying/detox shampoos for dullness and product build up

Long time lurker here making my first post.

My hair has been in rather unfortunate shape lately, a lot of the things I’ve noticed are seemingly a result of product build up. I use a serum regularly as well as a detangling spray. My main concern is that my hair looks incredibly dull😣 Ever since I touched-up my roots with bleach, it seems sooooo much worse.

I’ve read a bunch of reviews for different clarifying shampoos, but can’t seem to decide which one to go with. So far the ones that seem to be what I’m looking for are: Ouai detox shampoo, Kevin Murphy detox shampoo, Bumble and Bumble Sunday shampoo, and Redken cleansing cream.

I always find a lot of helpful insight from this community whenever I come across someone looking for advice on products and whatnot so that leads me to the purpose of this post…

What are your favorite shampoos (or conditioners?) to help clarify?

TLDR: recommend clarifying shampoos please!

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  1. My partner and I both use the Ouai Detox Shampoo once a week-every other week and I both absolutely love it. It removes product buildup and excess oil without being stripping. My hair is always softer and more voluminous afterwards, and I really like the fragrance of it! Also, it lasts forever and a little goes a long way. We bought the bottle last December and it’s still half way full!

  2. I use Redken’s clarifying shampoo maybe once a week or every 2 weeks right before I do a deep conditioning mask. I love it, does exactly what a clarifying shampoo should do.

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