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Biker dies on Av. Constituents

On Monday a motorcyclist died in an accident on Constituyentes Avenue, in the Miguel Hidalgo City Hall.

The motorcyclist would have ended lifeless after the helmet came off and his head was split in half, the deceased was between 25 and 30 years old.

The incident occurred on Sunday around 10:00 p.m., when he was driving along the road towards the José Vasconcelos Internal Circuit.
According to police reports, when he reached Calle Sur 128, in Colonia América, he lost control and crashed into the concrete median that divides the road in two directions.

The authorities estimate that he was driving at high speed, since the blow caused him to be thrown into the opposite lanes, just in front of the Dolores Civil Pantheon.

The young man flew a couple of meters and hit the pavement, while his motorcycle was lying on the side.
Other people passing by the place called the emergency services and the first to arrive were elements from the Tacubaya Sector.
The motorcyclist was in a face down position, he seemed unconscious and the blood that dripped from his face had already formed a puddle on the ground.
Minutes later paramedics showed up to give him first aid, but he was already dead.
A couple of meters away, they also located his helmet.
The place remained under guard until midnight, when personnel from the capital prosecutor’s office came to carry out the expert reports.
During that time, other motorcyclists and neighbors approached to see if they knew him, but the body was transferred to the amphitheater without being identified.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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