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Biker torn to pieces by trailer – The Red Note

For trying to pass on the right, A 23-year-old biker died brutally after being hit by a cargo truck from Anillo Periférico.

In the vicinity of the colony Agricultural Pantitlanmayor’s office iztacalco. The driver of the heavy unit was made available to the Public Ministry where he will give his statement.

This Monday afternoon the young man was circulating aboard his black scooter on Calle 7 almost at the crossroads with Calzada Ignacio Zaragoza, at the height of the meat market, when he suddenly sped up to try to gain the right-hand path for a cargo truck.

But the reduced space between the truck and the sidewalk where he tried to cross made him lose control, so he fell against the pavement where unfortunately he was run over by the driver of the heavy unit, who could not see him.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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