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Blush how-to

I’m new to makeup and currently only feel comfortable wearing concealer and a skin tint (or I guess a tinted moisturizer?). Both of mine are from Rare Beauty. I usually conceal under my eyes, around my mouth, and any spots that are dark and I blend it out with a brush. The skin tint I just dab on with my fingers. I wear 50N in the tinted moisturizer and 500N in the concealer.

I tried blush but it just turned orange-brown and bad looking when I put it on with the skin tint. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. 🙃 When I watch tutorials no one mentions like anything between foundation and blush. Like no one’s like “now powder where you’re going to put your blush,” it’s just foundation and then blush. I considered waiting for a little while but I don’t know if that would work. I also tried applying less but that was just a lighter shade of orange-y brown. Without the tinted moisturizer it comes out rosy and nice. So I know the color of the blush is fine, just it doesn’t play well with the moisturizer.

The blush I have is Rare Beauty’s nearly rose melting blush. I don’t really like it all that much but I’m skeptical about buying another blush because I don’t understand why the blush and moisturizer mix so much. Can anyone give me some tips?

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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson
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  1. General rule of thumb is creams go under powders. Meaning, you would use your tinted foundation, cream blush then powder over top. It could be possible your powder is changing the shade, especially if it’s a tinted powder/if you’re applying it first then the cream over top.

    Also, sometimes blushes turn different colors depending on your undertone/the undertone of the foundation. Example, some people find that purple blushes turn pink on them. It’s possible the shade i turning to something you don’t like due to the foundation itself.

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