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Body of 12-year-old girl found in trunk in Paris

The Body of a 12-year-old girl was found in a trunk Friday night, near the building where he lived with his family in northeast ParisFrance.

Four people were arrested, sources close to the file and the prosecution reported this Saturday.

A homeless person reported to the police the discovery of an opaque box containing the body of a young woman in the inner courtyard of a building.

The girl’s body was hidden by tissues, according to sources close to the file. Next to the box were two carry-on bags.

The trunk was found in the lower part of the building where the girl lived, the prosecution said.

According to sources close to the file, the first reports point to an almost severed head and inscriptions on the body.

Investigators arrested three people in the vicinity of the site overnight and a woman on Saturday morning in Bois Colombes, near Paris, sources close to the scene said.

The four individuals were arrested, according to the public ministry, which specified that their role remains to be determined.

The disappearance of the girl had previously been reported to the police, said a source close to the case.

Building security cameras showed the girl walking in, but then she disappeared, according to another source close to the file.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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