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Brayan Mauricio González “El Pozoles”, one of the leaders of La Unión Tepito, is released – .

Brayan Mauricio Gonzalez, the pozoles, member of La Union Tepito and who assassin to Venezuelan Kenny Mireya Finolwas released this weekend after more than three years in the Criminal Neza Boardin the Mexico state.

The Pozoles is one of the main leaders of the criminal organization together with Roberto Mollado Esparza, The BetitoY David Garcia Ramirez, the pistachio.

He was arrested by the then Federal Police on February 4, 2019 in the State of Mexico. At the time of his capture, he began to cry and asked the police officers not to hit him.

El Pozoles was designated as responsible for the crimes of drug dealing, extortion, kidnapping Y homicideone of them the one of the Venezuelan modelwho was his sentimental couple.

However, he only faced a five-year sentence for the crime of drug dealing.

a month ago, he Judiciary of the State of Mexico He was released, since it was not a felony and he was serving half of his sentence, so he was released early.

He had an open process for the crime of homicide, for which the Mexican Prosecutor’s Office appealed his release and continued in prison, but only for one more month.

The Public ministry he was unable to provide sufficient data and evidence to link him to the homicide trial. The early morning of Saturday, November 19 the pozoles got out of prison.

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