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Call of Duty: increasingly real, the new video game that shows Mexico with its narcomantas and murders – .

Call of Dutythe first person shooter video gamewar-style, showed a mission set in Mexicowhere he revealed a dangerous face of the territory with the organized crime, narcomantas and even a corrido from the famous regional mexican band MS.

Mission: Protection of the Cartel

There is a mission called: Cartel Protectionin it, the members of the operative force 141 can be seen landing in a town called “The souls“.

They are also guided by a Mexican agent named Alejandro Vargaswho goes through some places in the town.

“Hey, calm down, calm down, it’s normal here,” Agent Vargas told a soldier, who was surprised to see that some people in the town were carrying weapons.

“Weapons on the street are the jurisdiction of the police,” he added.

Similarly, it can be seen that the armed men coexist normally with the inhabitants of the town.

Narcomantas, executed Y army bought

Thus, the operative force 141 goes through a place with executions of people involved in narcomantas of a message from “The Nameless“.

Finally, the team avoids a mexican army checkpointas they explained that it was already bought by organized crime.

‘There are troops that handles’The Nameless‘, as I told you, it’s everywhere,” he said.

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