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Can anyone give feedback?

Sorry if this isn’t allowed! Not trying to promote anything, just looking for honest feedback and advice.

I posted to the e-commerce subreddit to get feedback on the skincare website I launched a little over a month ago. I am starting to feel like a failure as my only sales have been friends and family but I have decent traffic. The feedback I got from them is that the colors, fonts, logos, and pictures were too much/distracting/bad.

That sucks because I love the colors and the maximalist aesthetic. From my point of view that is the best part of the website so I thought maybe the people on that sub are just not the kind of people that I am trying to reach.

What do you all think? Is it too much or do you like the design? I would love any advice you could give on what would make the site better for beauty and skincare lovers.

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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson
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  1. I’m gonna give you a critique of both the website itself and products, because IMO both need work. It may come off as harsh, so I’m sorry in advance if it hurts your feelings.

    I like the colors, fonts, images, etc on the website, but after browsing around for a while there’s a few annoying things that make it inconvenient. I don’t like how everything has an animation and pops up as you scroll, I’d much prefer it without that feature. I’d also prefer it if the products were laid out in a grid format rather than a list one so I could see everything at once instead of having to scroll up and down. Lastly, I think it would be great if there were a way to shop for your specific skin type and/or concerns—like acne, oiliness, dryness, fine lines, and so on.

    As for the products themselves, they strike me as very “anti-chemical mom with an Etsy shop.” The packaging looks generic, like someone bought bottles from Amazon and slapped a label on it, and makes me think someone is making everything out of their home kitchen. I couldn’t see anything about how much product is in each container, and I’d like to know how many ounces of moisturizer or whatever I’m getting.

    Lastly… honestly, I’m not impressed by the ingredients. The “exfoliating toner” doesn’t seem to have any common exfoliating ingredients in it, and could easily be DIYed with ingredients from the grocery store. The moisturizer is mainly plant oils, and wouldn’t work well with makeup or those with oily skin. I saw lots of products recommended for “all skin types” that really aren’t good for all skin types. I’m also skeptical of the products’ shelf life.

    All in all, the website has a little too much going on and I don’t trust skincare that looks like it could be a DIY project. You may have luck on Etsy, but most people I know *want* “chemicals” and preservatives.

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