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Canadian kills with a shotgun to the face one of the policemen who came to attend to the neighborhood conflict in Tulum – .

A Canadian killed a police officer from the Quintana Roo Public Security Secretariat with a shotgunin the municipality of Tulum; the murder occurred after items of the corporation they arrived for deal with a neighborhood dispute in which the now aggressor was involved.

Sources consulted disclosed that around 1:00 p.m. on Monday, Police arrived at the community of Francisco Uh Maylocated in the Tulum-Cobá state highwayWell, there was a report of firearm detonationsderived from a conflict between neighbors of neighboring properties.

According to a report from the Secretariat to which they had access, they met on the spot with the person of canadian originwho To avoid arrest, he ran into a cabin where he shot the police with a shotgun..

One of the officers was seriously injured in the face. and he was immediately transferred to a Tulum hospital for medical attention, according to versions. In the afternoon, the Secretary of Public Security of Quintana Roo confirmed the death of the policeman and the arrest of the aggressor of Canadian nationalitywho was placed at the disposal of the ministerial authorities for the initiation of the investigations.

“All our solidarity with the family and we will follow up on the events in a timely manner,” was part of the message issued by the Quintana Roo Public Security Secretariat on its social networks. Data collected indicated that the deceased agent was 41 years old.

In Tulum, one of the most important coastal and tourist spots in Mexico, conflicts over land ownership are common in which foreigners are involved, who acquire real estate through trusts, because by constitutional mandate they cannot be owners due to to the proximity to the beach.

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