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Carnal didn’t touch you 😭! The Yankee, Honduran and one of the 7 of the Northeast Cartel shot down by Army Special Forces in Nuevo Laredo – .

The Yankee a Honduran that he was happy offending In our country he was one of the seven killedduring a confrontation in Nuevo Laredo, to this group of heavily armed assassins from the Northeast Cartel (CDN) They came up with confront the recently arrived elements of the SEDENA Special Forces on airport road and then runas is normal, the family now mourns the death of this beautiful little angel, what they did not regret was the money that he sent them as a product of the kidnappings, murders, Vehicle Theft, extortion a businesses and nationals who came to Mexico from the United States.

It was also reported that an important CDN leader would have been killed along with these little angels who were fleeing from the military forces.

Meanwhile, and as is customary, some allegedly injured civilians have complained about the Armed Forces, even blaming them and without evidence of being injured by them, ignoring the fact that the CDN Hitmen have one of the worst marks in organized crime, in addition to some sources have already confirmed that the CDN itself has approached them, as well as relatives of the filthy people who died to make them only blame the Military, it is expected that the Human Rights of Nuevo Laredo will pronounce itself in favor of the triggermen since its incumbent Raymundo Ramos is on the Cartel’s payroll.

Some media managed by the CDN, such as radio stations, have also been complaining and complaining and complaining about the Soldiers, criticizing their arrival and stay in Nuevo Laredo, as well as this confrontation where they also blame them for the alleged injuries.



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