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Chapped lips routine?

I have had chapped lips for a looong time, and I’m now trying to better myself. I learned I gotta hydrate more, which is by far the biggest struggle for me. I’m trying to not pick at my flakes, which is also another struggle alongside licking my lips. Corner of my lip is slight cut up that’s been healing too.

Chapsticks like Burt’s Bees hasn’t been helping much. I recently just got Aquaphor and hope the best for it. I’ve thought about exfoliating the dead skin too. What are some natural ways and products to help with exfoliation that’s helped y’all the best? Should I exfoliate before putting on Aquaphor? Thanks!

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  1. Drinking more water will definitely help. I recently found Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask which has done wonders! Apply it right before bed and let it work its magic.

  2. Op I cannot stress this enough, please get your blood work done if you can. I have iron deficiency (as well as B vitamin deficiency) turns out the dry, crusty, chapped lips were due to the deficiencies.

    I’m much better now that I take OTC iron/B supplements. I was on ferrous sulfate for years (prescribed) and it was doing nothing because I wasn’t absorbing the nutrients.

    Other vitamin deficiencies cab cause cracked and bleeding lips. Check with your doctor before starting any specific vitamins in higher doses aside from regular daily supplements.

  3. Fellow dry-lip-haver!

    I haven’t figured out the right combination (I have an eczema flare up on top off having already dry lips) but I love these 3 products:

    ✨️Laneige Sleep Mask – every morning and night during my routines
    ✨️First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy – it has Hyaluronic Acid and has a light silicone feel to it but doesn’t feel as heavy. It’s super nice and I take it with me every day
    ✨️EOS Lip Hero – I think that’s what it’s called… it’s in a blue squeeze tube and I love it! It’s my cheaper alternative to the FAB one, so I keep it in my office and another on my nightstand. Similar feel and hydrating powers. Sometimes I apply it right before bed when my Laneige has been absorbed

    Good luck ❤️

  4. What helped me:

    – Ditch the chapstick. Your lips get used to it and will become more dry. I used to love the hurts bees chapsticks with pigment, but it made my lips soooo dry.
    – Stay hydrated.
    – Apply your hydrating skincare products to your lips. Meaning things like hyalaronic acid and not something like salicylic acid. Creams could dry them out, but I find that it helps to keep my lips plump.
    – Every night before bed I’ll apply Blistex that comes in a jar. I think it’s called something like med/Medex/intensive repair. This is THE stuff that repairs my lips and keeps them soft. I’ll only use it at night, but if my lips are super chapped I’ll apply it during the day as well.
    – Exfoliating my lips makes them dry, so I rarely do it. Only when they’re so chapped that they’re peeling.
    – When theyre extremely chapped and peeling, I do this: I dampen a towel with hot water. Make sure it’s steamy, but not hot enough that it will burn you. Put the towel on your lips. After 30-60 seconds start massaging your lips with the towel to gently exfoliate them. This will get rid of those loose pieces of skin. No need to be to harsh. Then I’ll put some Vit E pil. You can leave it like this, but i like to wait a couple of min, then put some water on my lips so that they’re damp and then ill dab a thin layer of Vaseline on them. This routine works like a charm

  5. I’ve had the worst chapped lips my entire life and it was a huge insecurity but I started exfoliating my lips every morning in the shower and then immediately using eos chapstick when I get out and my lips have never looked better

  6. I use skincare on my lips when they’re really bad. I use a glycerin-based serum, then a rice-grain of gentle lotion, and once that’s tacky I seal it in with aquaphor. I have horribly dry lips and it’s the only thing that has truly brought me back in a short period of time

  7. I used to have chapped lips, but I’ve been using blistex medicated lip ointment at night for years and have not had any problem since I started using it. Drinking more water helps too, but the Blistex will repair and heal your lips quickly.

  8. Vaseline. I used to only wear it on my lips to bed, but now I have 2-3 tins I keep it I for during the day.

    All other lip balm feels drying and that my lips get addicted to it.

  9. Two easy things to try in addition to the other suggestions: (1) change your toothpaste to something without sodium lauryl sulfate (like sensodyne), and (2) use an anti fungal cream (like something with clotrimazole) for the cut feeling at the corner of your mouth (might be angular cheilitis)

  10. Drink a gallon of water daily, take your vitamins (crazy important in case there’s more going on here) and use Vaseline. Chapsticks have so many additional ingredients often drying ingredients..

  11. Charlotte Palermino (if you follow any skincare expert, let it be her- imo) has a video on slugging for your lips. I moved north this year and during the winter I did her exact routine before bed every night and it changed my life. I can’t find the video, so I’ll just tell you the two products: slather on some Cetaphil Pro restoraderm eczema smoothing moisturizer, wait for it to soak in a little, and then apply a little bit of vaseline. Do this right before bed, after you’ve brushed your teeth and aren’t drinking anything anymore. Changed my life!

  12. Drink water. Vaseline, Aquaphor, or CeraVe Healing Ointment as needed and before bed, cracks and any sore edges to the lips, too. Think of it as a lip mask, not balm. Any dry patches!

  13. I got Aquaphor and put that on my lips before going to bed and carry it with me. It’s the only thing that has kept my lips moisturized consistently. It should help for sure

  14. I had the absolute worst chapped lips for years. First of all, don’t exfoliate when they’re dry, it will only make things worse. Drink lots of water and I put lanolin on mine. Best thing ever for chapped lips. Nothings else seems to do the trick anymore. They sell it as a nipple cream for nursing mothers. They even have little tubes of it I keep in my purse. Can’t recommend it enough

  15. I’ve taken an old, very soft toothbrush with a little toothpaste on it and gently brushed my lips to get rid of the flakes. You can also find relatively inexpensive lip scrubs at drugstores.

  16. Sometimes it’s toothpaste that causes dry lips!! I use green beaver brand bc it has no SLS

    I like using Vaseline, coconut oil and vit e based lip balms =) usually not all at once hahah

  17. The Laneige sleeping mask is the stuff of miracles! I lightly exfoliate my lips with my toothbrush before applying it for the night. I also sometimes use a bit of it during the day when I’m home, and they have little portable tube versions too for bringing out!

  18. Decreasing you caffeine intake and increasing your water intake should help. I use the Laneige Lip mask. I saw someone else recommend it. It reallly works well and feels lovely.
    Editing to add that something like cactus water or coconut water may help you hydrate because it has some sugar in it. I water it down so I’m not drinking a ton of sugar, but a small amount of the coconut water or cactus water poured into your glass of water does help hydrate better than pure water

  19. I’m a huge fan of the company lush and I LOVE their honey trap lip balm, definitely the best I’ve found! They’re lip scrubs are also super hydrating and take off the dead skin without letting things get too flaky

  20. My routine for very sensitive lips, prone to peeling: I use my facial skincare routine for very sensitive skin on my lips as well, topped by an ointment in PM and a SPF balm in AM.

    Keep everything(!!) fragrance free, alcohol free, mild and gentle.
    Use a balm when brushing your teeth.
    Brush teeth before washing your face. This means you avoid toothpaste irritation that easily affects lips and corners of the mouth.
    Double cleanse including lips. Invest in a good oil cleanser so you never have to rub lipstick off. After rinsing exfoliate lips with a wet smooth fabric (like a T-shirt).
    I use gentle skincare products with soothing ingredients on lips as well (mist/toner, serum, cream,) and seal with an ointment.

    In the morning hydrate SPF50 cream and SPF balm.

  21. Use almost any Lanolips product before bed, like Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Treatment. The primary ingredient of lanolin is natural, long-lasting and does wonders.

  22. I went to a dermatologist recently and she said dry lips is from toothpaste most of the time. She told me to look for a flouride free toothpaste. I bought Dr bronners toothpaste because it’s flouride and SLS (personally this gives me canker sores) free and I do notice a difference with my lips. It’s helps a lot! She also recommends starting with Vaseline because it’s the plainest formulation. Then you can expand your lip balms from there and see if you get a reaction/dryness from it.

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