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CJNG gunmen participate in Zirándaro parade; Guerrero and walk the streets in convoy, municipal authorities remain silent – .

The celebrations for the national holidays in Zirándaro, Warriorstarted the weekend in an unusual way: with a parade of trucks with machine guns mounted on the bed and with armed men (assassins) of Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

Videos shared show a caravan of several dozen horsemensome of them accompanied by children, acOn my side walk men armed with high-powered rifles and with his face covered by balaclava.

According to the testimonies, the armed men marched through the town center, governed by the morenista Tania Pacheco Duarte.

In the videos also appreciated a convoy of at least seven all-terrain trucks in which a Ford brand stands out that carries a .50-caliber Barrett machine gun in the puntwhich can pierce armor and hit a target 800 meters away.

On the mayor’s page on Facebook, allusions to the national holiday celebrations were published and photos of the municipal president appearing together with the population, but there is no mention of the armed men’s parade.

Neither the state government nor the security authorities made reference to the display of the armed men.

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