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CJNG issues a statement for San Luis Potosí, they assure that they do not kill innocents but they chased a civilian who was recording their convoy – .

Inhabitants of Mexquitic de Carmona reported the presence of armed men in the vicinity of City Hall, members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

‘We had to hide even on the hill, because we saw between eight and nine vans with armed people; What’s more, at the moment the municipality seems like a ghost place, because not even those of the gorditas were put to sell, because they fear that something will happen,’ the residents pointed out.

Also, They broadcast a video in which alleged members of the CJNG issue a statement addressed to the inhabitants of San Luis Potosíin which notice that they are «Cleaning» the northern part of «rats, rapists, cobracuotas, extortionists Y kidnappersso that people who work honestly don’t have any earrings.

Likewise, They assured that they do not kill innocents«as do the filthy germans», and lamented the murder of a family in the La Pila delegation.

After issue a threat to Luis Alemán Hernándezcalled on those who are against this person to join them and share information.

The speaker also warned drug dealers in the capital of Potosí to “take the line for good” or they would still suffer repercussions.

Lastly, they ruled thatThe capital and the entire state already have an owner and it is the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, Mr. Mencho. The future of San Luis Potosí is four letters. Sincerely, the military operation», to proceed with a flurry of shots with long weapons.

The same way, Recordings allegedly of the residents were released in which several trucks with the inscription CJNG on the bodywork can be seen.

Even in one of the videos you can see the moment when, as usual, some citizens record the convoy of this cartel as if nothing had happened, only this time the CJNG assassins did not seem to be recorded, they stop and start chasing the civilian while they shoot himIt is not known if they managed to capture him.

It should be noted that, so far, no authority has issued any statement in this regard.

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