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CJNG picked up the Secretary of the Ocampo town hall in his house, made him drive his car and shot him along with his father – .

The leader of the State Committee of the Institutional Revolutionary Party in Michoacán, William Valencia-Reyesposted on his facebook account that the Secretary of the City Council of Ocampo, was picked up and shot.

In this regard, Valencia Reyes pointed out that “an armed group went, at 3 in the morning, to the house of the secretary of the Ocampo City Council, located in El Paso, a small community far from the urban sprawl.”

Let us remember that the armed group he is talking about is the Group X of the CJNG

And he added that “thugs violently removed the young politician and his father; Y They forced them to drive their vehicle to Zirahuatoa possession of the neighboring municipality of Zitacuarowith a greater number of inhabitants than the municipal seat of Ocampo”.

“They could do it in a small community, or as always, look for a gap or some remote place to shoot them down, but no, they forced them to drive for several kilometers along a main road, escorted by the convoy of assassins and chose a busy road of said possession to shoot them inside their carwhere hundreds of people heard and surely saw what happened, “said the leader of the tricolor, in his publication.

Likewise, the President of the State Committee of the Institutional Revolutionary Party questioned “What did they intend with this?”

And he stated that “obviously send the message. It is they, the delinquency, who rule and do not govern those for whom the citizens voted. It seems that the legally constituted authorities are just vases, both there, and in much of the state, their law is exercised, the law of the strongest. Where were the police? Where are those who should prevent these crimes? The same ones that, without a doubt, will wash their hands by throwing the ball at those who have to investigate.

Finally, the leader of the PRI in Michoacán called on the authorities to clarify these facts, in addition to condemning the events recorded in recent days.

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