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Collector sanctioned for undignified transfer of dog corpse

The director of Municipal Public Services of Guanajuato, Omar Rosas, reported that one of the operators of the collection truck that transported a corpse of a tied and exposed dog, was separated from his position.

Through a statement, the municipal government of Guanajuato, informed that this decision was made due to incurring in an inadequate procedure that violates the current regulations in the handling of animal remains, this at the same time as opening an investigation in the Municipal Comptroller’s Office.

Omar Rosas assured that these actions should not be carried out by the agency, since it is the Animal Control Center (CECA) that should have taken charge of the dog’s body.

He pointed out that the complaint was made before CECA, and they will be the ones who determine the actions to follow.

For his part, the Secretary of Citizen Security, Samuel Ugalde García, indicated that for the transfer of the body there are actions to follow, “these are not the forms,” ​​he acknowledged. For the corresponding sanction, it is the area of ​​Social Development who could determine it.

He also indicated that if it were the case, they can proceed for animal abuse and reiterated that the employees acted on their own initiative.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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