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Collision between car and taxi leaves two dead and three injured in Milpa Alta

In the Milpa Alta mayor’s office, in the community of San Pedro Atocpan, there was a strong and lethal collision between a taxi and a private vehicle. These events left two people dead and another three injured, two of them are police officers from the CDMX.

According to reports, the private vehicle was headed to Mexico City on the Xochimilco-Oaxtepec highway, when it would have come face to face with a subject who was walking on the road in an alleged state of alcoholism.

The pedestrian, a 30-year-old subject who was wearing blue jean pants and a sweatshirt of the same color, was rammed and thrown by the car several meters, lying face down on the side of the vehicular stream. His death was almost instantaneous.

After the strong blow, which occurred at approximately 5:30 a.m. this Saturday, the driver of the Hyundai type I10 compact vehicle, in which boxes with surgical material were observed inside, left his lane and invaded the opposite direction of the road. free way.

Subsequently, said car, in red, collided head-on at high speed, against a Volkswagen Vento-type vehicle, labeled as a CDMX taxi, causing it to leave the road.

The 29-year-old driver of the private car, who was wearing white nursing clothes and shoes, walked a few meters presenting various injuries and vanished. He passed away on the way to the hospital.

The subject driving the rental vehicle, identified as 49-year-old Gumesindo, suffered multiple blows, while the couple of passengers, who were identified as capital police officers, were seriously injured.

The user, also 49 years old, had a fractured tibia and fibula, while the 29-year-old passenger, who had a completely bloody face and was semi-conscious, had severe head trauma.

The injured were treated by members of the Rescue and Emergency Medical Squad (ERUM), in coordination with paramedics from the City Hall’s Civil Protection Corps, who, according to witnesses, acted inappropriately.

“We were ready to handle the injured person from the private car. If he is taking blood from his ears and mouth, you have to assume that it is serious and act carefully,” said Juan Manuel, a 42-year-old man, who said he had witnessed a poor performance by the Milpa Alta paramedics.

“They arrived, grabbed him by the hands, turned him upside down and then turned him around abruptly, only to put the stretcher in. They didn’t know how to act,” said the resident of the area, who came to support the work to help the injured.

The wound was transferred by air by elements of the Executive Directorate of Condores Air Services, from Deportivo Momoxco, to a hospital where he received specialized care.

According to what was stated by the inhabitants of the area, on said highway, car accidents are recurring, because according to them, the lack of signs and road awareness bring fatal consequences.

Just last week, three capital policemen who were going to attend to an emergency aboard an official unit, ended up injured after capsizing meters ahead of where this tragic accident occurred.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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