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Colombian assailant is caught in Tultepec

The Tultepec authorities managed to arrest a subject who is apparently Colombian, thanks to the complaint of a citizen after being the victim of an assault.

The description of the complaint was of a subject who wore a red visor, dark shirt and beige pants, who was also aboard a white Yamaha motorcycle, all terrain. To which the authorities began the search.

After a while, the security elements managed to locate the alleged criminal, whom they cornered on San Pablito Avenue, a few meters from a health center.

The criminal tried to flee, but the uniformed officers prevented him and after struggling with the subject, they managed to subdue him and transfer him to the municipal police station.

The detainee identified himself as Jean Glaud “N”, of Colombian nationality, who remained at the disposal of the judicial authority, which will resolve his legal situation in the next few hours.

The police urge citizens to file the corresponding complaint if they were a victim of this subject, so that they can proceed against them through legal channels and be punished for their crimes.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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