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Colonel and captain pocketed 179 million pesos from a waterproofed military installations – .

A Colonel and an Army Captain were accused of divert 179 million pesos from a contract that they themselves awarded at the end of 2018 to a private company that made payments to them since at least 2017.

Its about Colonel Engineer Rafael Alejandro González Hernándezthen deputy director of Engineers of the Sedenaas well as the Captain Engineer Builder, Jorge Luis Aparicio Rojaswho was who received the millionaire deposits from Sinergia Integral Cristowen.

This is stated in a report of alleged responsibility against both soldiers, issued by the Sedena Internal Control Body Following an investigation launched by the Financial Intelligence Unit.

Colonel Engineer Rafael Alejandro González Hernández

Gonzalez Hernandez and Aparicio Rojaspersonally controlled in December 2018 a restricted invitation process in which the company won a contract of 252.8 million pesos to waterproof 587 thousand square meters of facilities in all military regions.

Of that amount, 179.3 million pesos went to Aparicio Rojas accounts in BanCoppel and Banjércitothrough transfers made between May and June 2019.

Between July 2017 and April 2018, Christopher had deposited others 13.9 million pesos in both personal accounts of apariciowithout a business relationship between them.

The high amounts of the 2019 operations was what alerted the FIU, which reported the case to the General Secretary Luis Cresencio Sandoval.

The report of presumed responsibility against both soldiers, issued by the Internal control organ (ICO) of the sedena on April 30, 2021, notes that the Colonel Gonzalez Hernandez issued instructions to 12 Military Regions to make advance payment to the awarded company, even when it had not delivered the materials or carried out the established work.

“I did not have the authorization of the owner of the Secretary of National Defense to sign contracts on behalf of the Sedena, or a document in which it will be granted the necessary powers to celebrate said acts”, indicated the OIC among the irregularities found.

They investigate military contracts in AIFA

The Colonel and the Army Captain, under investigation for the alleged diversion of 179 million pesos, were also pointed out in 2019 for award million-dollar contracts without bidding at the Felipe Ángeles Airport (AIFA).

In July 2019, the Congress of the Union designated Colonel González Hernández and Captain Jorge Luis Aparicio Rojas for award three contracts for more than 6 million dollars and almost 2 million dollars for airworthiness work.

The first award, granted by González Hernández, was celebrated with the French company Navblue, for an amount of 6 million 164 thousand 872 dollars for the feasibility, feasibility, safety and design for the airworthiness of simultaneous operations between the International Airport of Mexico City (AICM) and the Toluca Airport, and the project of Santa Lucy.

The second contract was also awarded by González Hernández to the same company, for $187,000, for orography studies, but does not determine duration, implementation, or schedule.

The third contract was entered into by the same military command with the company ADP Engineeringe, to develop the “Master Plan with Study of Capacity and Service Levels“To materialize the AIFA, the relocation of military installations and other studies for one million 979 thousand dollars, of which only 798 thousand were for the project and one million 181 thousand for “technical assistance”, it was indicated.

In a point of agreement, the Permanent Commission urged the SCT and Sedena to be transparent and guarantee public access to those contracts carried out.

Currently, González Hernández and Aparicio Rojas work in the General Directorate of Engineers under the orders of General Salvador Fernando Cervantes Loza, head of that unit.

Sedena sources indicated that there is an administrative investigation against both soldiers (and others who participated in the AIFA and other tenders), and they are awaiting the results.

“The Public Function (is reviewing it) in coordination with the Internal Control Body of the institution.

There is nothing criminal, both elements are working on the different tasks that the DGI has, these types of reviews are normal, and they are in process,” said a military command.

The General Directorate of Engineers works on projects such as the Mayan Train, the Welfare Banks, the National Guard barracks and the construction of aqueducts.

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