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Completely different hair structure after bleaching with breakage and thinning

Hello everyone,

I am at a loss with my hair structure right now. My hair used to be thick, wavy and I had tons of it. Ive always used a hair dryer (albeit on lowest setting) and straightened it occasionally, so it has naturally been more dry. However, it didn’t look very damaged. One side of my head has always had less hair than the other, but really not noticeable. I never experienced any kind of hair loss. I’ve got quite long hair.


Over the course of the last year, I have bleached my hair (professionally) a total of 2 times and did a glossing once. What a mistake – since then, my hair is COMPLETELY different.


Hair structure now:

\- extremely dry

\- straw-like

\- it seems to be less hair overall, however I never lose any hair when I shower etc. or brush my hair, so no obvious hair loss.. just general thinning?

\- the top layer of hair at the back of my head snapped completely and is missing now, so I’ve got a huge chunk of hair missing in the middle which is much shorter than the rest and is slowly growing back

\- the side of my head that already lesser hair naturally is now extremely thin to the point it scares me: some of my front hair seems to have broken off as well, so now while I still got hair growing everywhere, it is extremely uneven and thinner in general- no split-ends though




\- I am still using hair dryer (lowest setting, far way from head, only when hair is already 50% dry, heat protectant) and straightener (sometimes)

\- I use Loreal Elvive Oil Magique Shampoo and Garnier Hair Food as a mask/conditioner every time I shower

\- I use Olaplex N. 3 regularly as well as Aphogee Two Step Treatment which I have used once now and plan to use every 6 weeks

\- Trying to incorporate scalp massages every time I shower

\- I am wearing single strands of clip in extensions when I’ve got my hair down, so overall it is not noticeable that there is some length that I am missing. Only during the day for around 10 hours or so.

\- I am also trimming my hair every month so I can’t really tell whether it has been growing much.

\- I am wearing a ponytail often, and whilst I know this is not great for my hair, I don’t want to wear it down all the time since it’s so much easier to just keep my hair up and not worry about the breakage.


It is safe to say I wont ever bleach again, this really ruined my hair. But right now I am wondering whether this could be something else? I got bloodwork scheduled for next week and will get my thyroid checked out, since I have been feeling weak and look very pale.


Has anyone experienced something like this? I am not sure whether this is just something that I have to wait out or whether I permanently altered my hair structure. I am constantly thinking of ways to improve my hair and it is really taking a huge mental toll on me. It would give me some peace if I knew that it just takes a while to regenerate and it’s a matter of time. Maybe someone has experienced something similar after bleaching?



Thank you so much in advance!

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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson
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  1. You didn’t permanently ruin your hair. The fact that it’s snapping off makes me think your issue is entirely related to bleaching. I would never go back to the professional who did this. You’re going to have to let it grow out. The ponytail and extensions are probably making the breakage worse, but do whatever make you feel happy because your hair will eventually grow out.

    My hair was recently damaged from bleaching also. My hair seemed to snap more with oleplex number 3. I’m not sure why. I really like k18 atleast it makes my bleach damaged hair look healthier, like almost back to normal. Not sure if it stops breakage, but it seems less dry and less brittle after using the k18.

  2. One thing that’s important to have with hair is a good moisture-protein balance. My hair is also bleached and I noticed my hair strands being more stretchy when wet, which typically means my hair needs more protein. I know you say you use Aphogee 2 step but honestly I found more benefit using a conditioner with protein as opposed to once every 6 weeks with Aphogee. Everyone is different though

    Also I highly recommend k18. My breakage stopped a lot when using it. I finally just got another bottle after not having for for a while

  3. Definitely the bleach. The only time I snapped off my bangs blow drying was when they were bleached. Not a good look. Quit the heat while it’s bleached and damaged.

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