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Concealer doesn’t work – constant dryness

Hi everyone. I’m having a very frustrating issue with my concealer- and it happens with every concealer I’ve ever used. Not at first but overtime. It becomes really dry when I put it on to the point where it creates particles? On my face that I need to wipe away which also wipes away the concealer. It’s like when you rub your hands together and all these tiny dirt particles build up. My sunscreen sometimes does this as well so maybe it’s my face?

I chemically exfoliate 3x a week with TO’s lactic acid. This happens regardless if I use primer or not. At the moment I’m using ilmakiage concealer but I’ve had this happen with nars as well. Please help

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Mary Johnson
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  1. Hi! first, is it makeup that is piling or is it your exfoliated skin? perhaps using lactic 3x week is too often but that may depend on your skin type. the undereye area is very delicate so hopefully you’re not using lactic acid under you eyes – even though lactic acid is somewhat gentle.

    The other thing to be sure is you’re not too heavy handed with primer and I would not use primer under my eyes either. You may want to try a light oil under the eyes before you apply concealer. Argan oil would be a good choice. Use a little and gently pat it on the skin. give it a few minutes to soak in. Apply concealer with a beauty blended/sponge where you can gently tap it into the skin.

    i don’t why you’re concealing e.g., dark circles, want to brighten, etc., but I would also stay away from foundation AND concealer under the eyes. For me, certain silicon primers make my foundation pill – Laura Geller Spackle is one of them. Be sure you’re not using a lot of product – if the foundation isn’t covering what you want it to, applying more may not be the answer, but rather you may need to switch to something with fuller coverage. Last, water based foundations work best with water based moisturizers/primers; oil based foundation works best with oil based moisturizers.

    After all that, if I were you, I would try using a water based moisturizer, a water based foundation (light handed) a water based concealer to cover any spots needing more coverage on my face, and a concealer for dry skin under my eyes. (to see if it works, try Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer. It won’t break the bank for $6 if it doesn’t work.)

    Good luck. Please share how it’s going – what’s working and what’s not.

  2. mine did the exact same thing! turns out it wasn’t concealer that was the problem, it was the skin around my eyes. I thought it was from getting eyelash extensions so I took them off but it stuck around. I tried EVERYTHING- every eye cream under the sun. My derm gave me a steroid and it cleared right up.

    I would also recommend you stop exfoliating that area immediately, all derms agree the undereye and eyelid skin is far too sensitive and thin to be chemically or physically exfoliated. I know it’s just instinct to exfoliate dry looking skin, but I promise it’ll just make it worse in that area. Even if it’s something different than what I had exfoliating there is just not a good idea ever. (But as always, do what’s best for you! Just my opinion)

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