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Confrontation in Encarnacion de Diaz leaves two hit men dead, the others ran as usual and set vehicles on fire – .

There was talk that the Hitmen would have used a plane for the attackin addition to drones loaded with explosives to attack the elements.

Almost simultaneously, in Teocaltiche Y Encarnacion de Diaz They registered Clashes between Hitmen and State Policeplus a drug blockade on the highway to San Juan de los Lagos.

The balance is two gunmen killed and a policeman wounded.

The first incident occurred in Encarnacion de Diazwhen state policemen were attacked with bullets for reasons that have not been clarified.

“State troopers assigned to the region of the high north They made a tour of the path known as Meson de los Sauces and Hitmen aboard at least three vehicles began to attack them, for which the Police repelled the attack“, explained the Secretary of State Security (SSE).

“After applying the security protocols, the state police managed to control the situation, however, two of the attackers were killed at the point, while the other Sicarios ran to a nearby hill, so their search continues.”

The uniformed officers seized a vehicle, weapons and tactical equipment from a criminal group.

“A policeman with minor injuries is reported from the attack, the product of a bruise he suffered during the pursuit; fortunately, his state of health is optimal and he is already receiving medical attention.”

In Teocaltiche, officers were fired upon from an aircraft which so far has not been located.

Likewise, in the Highway to San Juan, subjects crossed a vehicle and set it on fire to block the passage. No arrests reported.




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