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Corpse found while carrying out excavation work

In a clandestine grave, a subject was buried in a place in this municipality of Nepantla who had disappeared since last September 26.

The man was identified as Mario de los Santos “N”, 40 years old, was found yesterday afternoon, on a dirt road, located 200 meters from the Cuautla-Mexico highway, in the area known as Las Bezanas, in the San Miguel Nepantal delegation, in this municipality.

During the first visual inspections carried out at the scene, the MP reported that the manner in which this man was killed was unknown, since at first glance no firearm or stab wounds were seen on his body, so they will be the experts and the forensic doctor who determine this, once they conclude with their Expert Reports and the necropsy of law.

At the moment in which the Public Ministry carried out the ministerial proceedings, strangely a man identified himself as Eduardo “N” arrived, who, having the body in front of him, identified it as that of his half-brother and indicated that he had disappeared from his home, located in the municipality of Ecatzingo, since last September 26 and that they had even reported their disappearance to the Ministry agent, for which a search bulletin was issued.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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