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Could getting a divorce make a man not want to get into a relationship?

I have been talking to this guy for four months. He said he was married for three years and that ended up getting a divorce. On his Facebook I saw a picture of him with a ring on his finger in 2017. So, I am assuming that he was still married then. Which means I am not sure how recent the divorce was. We met and went on a date, and I started going to his house. Eventually he said he didn’t want to date. But we’ve still been seeing each other I go over to his house, and we watch movies. Have sex sometimes we cook and clean up together. *He said he enjoys my company I told him that I didn’t think he liked me. And he said if he didn’t like me, I wouldn’t be at his house.* I’ve never married before and my longest relationship was for seven years. Ever since I broke up with my ex I haven’t been in a relationship. I’ve just had fwb so I don’t know what impact a divorce has on people.

He didn’t tell me much about what happened to cause the divorce he just told me people change.

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  1. It’s not uncommon for recently divorced people to take a break from serious relationships. He obviously wants to keep it casual. If you’re ok with that, then carry on. If you want something more, then keep looking for someone who wants the same thing.

  2. What do YOU want?

    It appears that this guy wants a f*ck buddy or FWB. If you want more than this, he’s not the guy for you. If you don’t even think he likes you, why waste your time with him?

    Not every dating arrangement has to be nurtured.

  3. It’s up to you if you want to be patient with him. I got divorced and when I was ready to start looking around I met a guy who was also divorced. I wanted to take things slow because of my past, and he did as well. We ended up dating without a “title” for almost 10 months, and then it was like okay this is enough let’s make this a real thing, and since then we have been together 4 years….. now my next problem is that I am ready for the next step, and he is extremely insecure about that, he doesn’t want to get another divorce (and I don’t either)…. I wouldn’t get married again if I wasn’t 100% sure because the pain of my divorce is something I do not want to got though again…… soooooooooo long story short, a person with a divorce might take longer to come to terms of wanting to be in another real serious relationship if they got really hurt during that process…. So it’s up to you if you have the capability of being patient towards that person, if you think that person might be worth having patience for.

  4. A divorce especially recent could cause that but in your very case, it doesn’t really matter. He said he liked you but didn’t want to be in a relationship. So for this to be a healthy relationship, you need to take it at face value and keep seeing him only if it suits you. If not leave. Please do not start to ponder on his every word to see more meaning than there is. He likes you but that’s that. Will time change this? Maybe, maybe not. When you start something with someone saying “I don’t want a relationship” then it usually stays that way.

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